Everyone’s a Critic


Everyone's a Critic

Elbowroom Design presents the “Everyone’s a Critic”
Design Scavenger Hunt

How do I play?
Bring your phonecam, your digital camera, your disposable camera or your Agfa SLR camera with you everywhere you go. Keep your eyes peeled for design that turns your head (or your stomach), and take a photo of it. Email us the shot, and include a 1-paragraph write up about what makes it so good (or so bad). If you do a good job, you’ll win an amazing prize!

What items are fair game?
You’ll be looking for examples of good and bad graphic design, so any element of “graphic design” is a potential victim of your killer design instincts. This includes menus, business cards, billboards, bumper stickers, product packaging, store signage, car dealership logos, magazine layouts and wall calendars. Use your imagination (and your camera).

What should I write about?
Just write a brief, one paragraph explanation telling us what’s so good about the item you shot.
If you need an example, peruse our Flickr collection, or the “Around Calgary” section of our studio blog, Elbowruminations. Does it use the colours well? Is it easy to read? You can also tell us why it’s bad, if that’s what you’re thinking. Does it use 17 different fonts in the space of one page? Is it an ad for a fruit company that uses a picture of a clock for no reason?

What can I win?
We’re really excited about the prize we’ve picked for the best submission. It’s a box set called “The Designer’s Complete Index,” by Jim Krause. This trio of fascinating books is ideal for the aspiring designer, and contains The Color Index, the Layout Index, and the Idea Index. It includes over 1900 colour illustrations, and best of all, comes packaged in a unique latching metal carrying box. We think it’s pretty cool. In addition to this sweet box set, you also get:

  • Your winning photo and write-up posted on Elbowruminations
  • The feature spot in our next newsletter (coming out April 1, 2007).

What do I do with my entry?
Send your photos and write-ups to us. If you have a Flickr account, then join our “Everyone’s a Critic” group, and post your photos to the group!

How long do I have?
The contest runs until March 15, 2007. You’ll be personally contacted with the news, and it will be subsequently announced to all our subscribers when our newsletter hits the stands on April 1, 2007.