Good Design:


Elbowruminations on Opera

As part of our series focusing on the best and worst of the web, we’ve found a pitch-perfect example of a website that will certainly strike a chord with everyone who values design and usability. It’s for a web browser called Opera, and unlike its musical counterpart; you won’t fall asleep trying to appreciate it. is filled with great design on every page. All graphics used on the website are unified in style and presentation, providing helpful cues for quickly understanding the written content with one glance. The presentation of the Opera brand and its services are consistent throughout the site: red on a light background. The visual cues for downloading products are similarly consistent: each instance is green and very, very tempting. The icons used on throughout site are juicy and striking — they look good enough to eat.

This site, while professionally designed, is also planned very intelligently. Everything you are looking for is easy to find. On the splash page, the interactive computer screen graphic gives a quick and inviting presentation about what Opera does. Proceeding to the homepage, we find it remarkably well-organized and interesting. Any questions are usually answered within one click, and a large amount of more detailed information is easily accessible via the well-appointed menu. The developers behind this site did a great job bringing their understanding of the product to your fingertips in a way that makes the information functional and fun to understand.

Wow! Apart from a rousing standing ovation, it seems there is little else that successfully sums up the remarkable design value of It’s a great example of how good design and usability can go hand in hand.

[Click here to visit the site.]