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Elbowruminations does L.A. Graphix

After recovering from a sudden onset case of extreme seizure-like symptoms and wide-eyed panic, we are now pleased to continue this review as we present It’s unsure whether these health concerns are in any way related to reviewing this website, however, it may be a good idea to take any necessary precautions before proceeding. is the proud neon, scrolling, flashing, animated, violent cartoon hosting home of LA Graphix, – a Florida based sign-making business. Among the poor choices made in the design of the site are very long pages, spastic rollovers, links to stump removal services, and a violent Family Guy cartoon about a dog being beaten mercilessly by a child. Most of the graphics on the site are blurry and pixilated, unoriginal clip art images, or irrelevant to sign making. As a result, there is very little in the way of good design practice that lends readability or even credibility to this website or the business it represents.

LA Graphix’s motto is: “Excellence is Just the Beginning” they use a dancing, nose-plugging smiley face icon to drive home their point. We don’t know what they mean by this. We do, however, know bad design when we see it and this site certainly speaks for itself in that regard.

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  • Fearless

    Well, you may not think much of the website, but if you want signs, then this is the place to come. The original designs are fresh, not to mention FREE, and the product is not only first quality but is delivered in a timely manner. I order from them from way out of Florida, and I would recommend them to anyone (except my competition!) Try them yourselves…you’ll see!

  • Nigel

    I agree with fearless. I am in Iowa and order from Killersigns in Florida. Andrew can design from scratch or redesign a boring old sign. His prices are VERY competitive. He redesigned some RE/MAX signs and we are getting great comments from the public.

    I would NEVER get a website from this company, BUT I do recommend their signs to everyone outside of my market! The website reflects Andrew’s personality – great fun, and a little bit spazzy :-)

  • Courtney

    I agree with Fearless. When I ordered signs, KillerSigns.Biz got my attention. I was not looking for a web designer, I was looking for an original sign. The product I received was excellent and the service was both courteous and quick. I highly recommend the guys at LA Graphix and Killersigns.Biz to trust your original designs and service delivered as promised. Killersigns.Biz may choose to upgrade their site to something “Kevan” approves of, but personally, I’d prefer my sign guy to stick to what he does best — designing and making high quality economial products with quick delivery.

  • Ed

    Sounds like Kevan’s ctitique is soley based on taste – and if this flashy style is not for you Kevan, then it’s not for you. What this website is, is marketed to the folks who use lawn signs that need to catch the publics eye. Real estate, political and fundraising event promoters use to do just that. They get results because they are flashy! So that’s why the website follows suit!

    The signs are a great value and made all of our high school fundraisers in Connecticut a success. Andrew, the owner has always been flexible, fast, honest and fair. If the website is not as professional as Kevan would like it, then that’s okay. I’d rather have Andrew spend his time and money with his clients rather than on hiring a fancy website designer that won’t get him anymore reuslts than he’s already getting. Besides, he’s built a word of mouth and repeat business that this website supports, not drives.

  • Bran

    I order from them out of SC. These guys treat you like gold. I would recomend them to anyone.

  • Cathy

    We are based in Virginia and were referred to LA Graphix through a business associate. The website is fun and reflects their good humor. The signs that are produced by LA Graphix are eye catching! Andrew was wonderful to work with. Our signs were here BEFORE EXPECTED & looked FABULOUS!!! (Andrew even gave us some helpful information on sign placement)

  • Annemarie H. is a fun, competitive, and interesting website. I opened a real estate company two years ago, and needed cheap signs. I found Andrew’s site and was compelled to call him when I saw the tagline: “Champagne signs on a Riunite budget.” Andrew is awesome – he goes above and beyond and makes you laugh too! He gave us tips and even helped us with getting the most with our small budget. When you need signs, you should call him.

  • neil

    Thanks for all the comments!

    It looks like LA Graphix has quite a loyal following. We have no reason to doubt that the services they provide are superb. We apologize if our post lead you to believe otherwise.

    Our critique was purely informational in nature and part of a series intended to demonstrate best practices in web design and communications. We reviewed in this series as well, which is a great example of a website where all the content is excellent. The information on the site is designed, written, and organized very professionally. Feel free to check it out in comparison.

    We hope you continue to find this blog a valuable resource in objectively presenting your business in a way that is credible and respectable to everyone.

    Neil @ Elbowroom Design