Photoshop goes online


Adobe Photoshop online?

Adobe is bringing its popular photo-editing software to the web. For years, Adobe Photoshop has been the software of choice of graphic designers and photographers seeking smart, powerful image manipulation tools. Now, you’ll be able to Photoshop online, for free.

On John Nack’s blog (he’s the senior product manager for this project), he is quick to clarify that this won’t be “the professional version.” Rather, it will be a hosted web application aimed at social networkers. So if you use Virb, Facebook or MySpace, this tool might help you polish up your profile picture or brighten up your party pics.

For graphic design professionals, a pared-down version of Photoshop online will definitely be quite an asset. If you’ve ever found yourself without your laptop, trying to make a last-minute fix to a project while at your client’s office (and their computer only has MS Paint), Photoshop Online will likely provide some much-needed relief during emergency design dilemmas.

Besides getting the online treatment, Photoshop (the pro version), along with its design-suite cousins, is also getting an upgrade. Adobe Creative Suite 3 has just been released, and features notably improved 3D support, as well as live filters that let you modify effects after they’ve been applied. To pass the time while you save up the $1000 or so needed to purchase this new version of Photoshop, you can read PC World’s review, or enjoy the flashy CS3 demo straight from Adobe.