Managing iTunes at Home and Work


So Many Questions!

Whether you have a busy family with a growing love of idevices or a situation where you have a phone for work and for home, it can tricky managing it all. I know you’ve got questions:

“What happens if I quit my job?”

“What happens when the kids grow up and move out?”

“How many accounts do you need for all of this stuff?”

Let’s sort it out.

One person, one account, one computer

A good rule of thumb to consider when it comes to iTunes is each account should be attached to a person who can support themselves financially. As the family decision maker use your main itunes ID for your family’s account, use your current  account, don’t create a new one. At work, continue to use your personal Apple ID for your work iphone or ipad.

This provides you with the ability to make changes, locate devices and maintain general order without having to remember any additional usernames or passwords.

Dedicate one computer as your iTunes computer. Each device gets synced to it. You’ll know what’s on it in addition to having the purchase history.

As your kids grow up and leave home, it’s time for their own account. Music is DRM free so they can copy what they want to take. Their graduation present can include an iTunes gift card to pay out their app and game investments over the years.

Remember: One person, one computer, one account.

Remember: One person, one computer, one account.

Devices change, Stuff remains

As life changes, so will your electronics. Using one Apple ID will allow you to consolidate your music and apps in one account despite changing phones over the long term. You’ll have access to download content you’ve already purchased onto any device you sign into.

This makes the most financial sense from a family perspective too. Whether you share taste in music or not, there is guaranteed to be some overlap.

As devices change, whether you change jobs or lose phones, you can track and wipe them from one iTunes account.

Paying for it all

In a family situation, share your password with everyone and remove your credit card information from your account.

Each member of your family can then add money to your account using iTunes gift cards. Predictably, in this scenario, the owner of the redeemed gift card will rush to download purchases before anyone else discovers there is credit in the account. Or they’ll very purposefully add credit to pay for only the music they need at the time.

For your work devices, buy a gift card and expense it if there are apps you need that are work related.

Hopefully that helps you keep up with the demands of current technology. Any other tips and tricks that you use, leave them in the comments!