Bad Design: Fabricland Logo


Who put the R in Fabricland?

Admittedly, Fabricland isn’t exactly a fair subject for a graphic design critique. When it comes to being high-tech, Fabricland is proudly behind the times. The only cutting edge in sight is the pair of scissors on the sewing table. Nonetheless, each time we catch a glimpse of their logo, we can’t help but ask: who put the R in Fabricland?

For all the Canadians in the room, next time you drive or walk past your local Fabricland location, keep your eyes peeled for this: in certain versions of their logo, for no apparent reason at all, the R is coloured yellow.

First of all, highlighting a single letter in your logo is a disruptive, garish and confusing design choice. Secondly, it simply makes no sense. Why choose the R? If you really must highlight part of your name in an obnoxious yellow colour (which you shouldn’t), you could at least highlight a letter that makes sense. Maybe highlight the silly pun, or the first or last word in your name, or some key letters. Like one of these:

Fabricland highlighting options

Now, all of the above choices are still tremendously, horribly, tacky design. But the highlighting at least makes sense, which is all we really need, want and expect from a fabric distributor. Show me you know how to put colours together, and I’ll trust you to sell me fashion and décor material. Probably.

  • Drew

    I agree. Fabricland has suffered at the hands of (as I’ve encountered several times) the owner’s wife’s nephew who feels he’s a design genius.

    You should check out Brandblogger’s RADness initiative:
    trying to make the world a better place by ridding it of bad design.

  • kevan

    Drew, that’s amazing that you know the designer. What an absurdly small world.

    Thanks for the tip on Brandboggler, too. It looks super interesting.

  • corrine

    Interesting comment as I acutally worked for the designer of the Fabricland logo that incorporated the R and it was not the bosses, nephews son or whatever. The company is a fairly highly regarded graphics studio based in the Lower Mainland BC. Not sure where Drew got his info.

  • Jeremy

    This post is from 10 years ago so I don’t have high hopes for a response, but: can you tell me which studio designed the Fabricland logo? Do they still exist?