Good Design: Second Cup Logo


Second Cup’s New Logo

When Dinecorp Hospitality, Inc purchased Second Cup from Cara Operations Ltd. in late 2006, the new owners of Canada’s thirty-two year old coffee chain, decided it was high time for the company to wake up and smell the coffee. This awakening was a realization that drinking coffee these days is less about feeding a powerful addiction and more about how you look while you are dialing up your pupil size with a large cup of liquid La-lapa beans. Starbucks, for an example, understands this phenomenon impressively and takes advantage of it’s global appeal in 39 countries where for many coffee conscious caffeine fiends, a hand-held symbol of style and affluence is only a block away.

Second Cup’s new logo is a spit-polished version of the previous identity. The designer’s choice of using smooth, fluid lines provides a warm feeling of neighborhood goodwill and friendliness. The update is flavoured with a rich gradient and infused with a generous shot of balance. Although its predecessor was cobbled together with a variety of good intentions, its sharp lines and cock-eyed text made it difficult to enjoy. Second Cup’s new identity gets great reviews here and may well be on it’s way to achieving a dedicated following of wide-eyed socialites with people to meet and coffee to go.