Good Design: Healthy Sex Life


Healthy Sex Life

Everyone has surely seen their fair share of sex in the media, the question is, has anyone ever been satisfied by it? We have! It happened this week when we came across a newspaper ad created for the Calgary Health Region.

This attractive specimen, endorsing the benefits of safe sex, is an eye-catching departure from the promiscuous nature of typical newsprint clutter. Utilizing a simplistic grid layout, uncomplicated grayscale illustrations, and tempting headlines, this ad succeeds in simplifying a difficult subject. It’s a great example of masterfully organized elements on the page with a perfect balance of textual content and graphical elements. It’s also reminiscent of design from American advertising popular in the 1940’s. By implementing this style of design, it helps CHR’s message stand out from a large crowd of other ads festooned with colour, trying to look provocative.

This is an example of good communication by Calgary’s local health authority to ensure this junior high gym class lesson lasts longer than most inexperienced thrill seekers.

  • Highwood

    If you’re curious, the campaign was designed by Highwood Communications.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  • js

    I agree wholeheartedly: brilliant; very effective.