Bad Design: Patterns in Bad Fashion


Fabricland Ad

We really aren’t trying to be mean, but if you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize this repeat offender. Fabricland made it’s debut on elbowruminations with its strange looking logo.They are back with a vengeance, literally, with this terrifying piece of design work.

With a customer base consisting primarily of middle aged women and little old ladies, it seems like an interesting tactic to advertise this “Members Ultimate Sale” exclusively to vampires and other Gothic creatures of the underworld. With the generous use of solid black, an assortment of terrifying fonts, and a variety of jagged shapes, this looks more like a promotion for a “Halloween Haunted Closet” sale rather than an ad for a spring savings event. In addition to frightful graphic design choices, the ad is also sprinkled with spelling errors.

With two Fabricland finds under our belt, it remains a mystery to us how Canada’s largest fashion fabric distributor can be successful while looking so horrendously unfashionable. Perhaps a more suitable question to ask is how much more successful could Fabricland be if they were better at communicating?