Cooler colour scheming on the web


Adobe Kuler: Cooler colour scheming on the web

For all those who never understood what ma was talking about when she complained that your neon shorts “clashed” with your red striped shirt, this is your tool: Kuler, from Adobe. (We think that’s pronounced “cooler,” but we’re still not sure.) Kuler lets you pick and play, mix and match, save and share colours using a variety of interactive tools.

Using fancy matching principles and complicated colour-related algorithms, Kuler gives you suggestions for what colours would go well together, lets you save and publish your colour schemes, and gives you every value you need for each colour, from HSV to Hex. You can use colour wheels and sliders, institute rules to seek only compound or complementary colours, and even have your colour schemes rated and ranked by the community.

Kuler is a fun, interactive and remarkably useful application for designers and colour-lovers everywhere. Best of all, it’s free, so you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for something like Colour Schemer Studio. Check out Adobe Kuler right here.

  • Sami Iwata

    Hi, thanks for the post! You are right, the name is pronounced “cooler.” We also have an Apple Desktop Widget (can download from the kuler site)and an upcoming cross-platform verson in Apollo. If you would like an update when the Apollo desktop version is ready, shoot me an email.
    Thanks again!
    Sami Iwata, kuler community manager