Bad Design: Good Life Fitness before & after ad


Bad Design: Good Life Fitness before and after campaign

As our Introduction to Graphic Design article pointed out, 3D modeling isn’t typically one of the main tools in your average graphic design toolbox. In fact, we’d suggest that unless you’ve been schooled and trained in the art of 3D animation and design, you probably shouldn’t attempt it at all. Unfortunately, the creators of this Good Life Fitness advertisement didn’t really take that advice to heart.

Dressed in a skin-tight one-piece body suit, featuring extra-long arms and braced in a ready-to-play-football posture, this woman is the epitome of what you DON’T want to look like after regular exercise. Lumpy and intimidating awkward in both examples, the Good Life Fitness woman completely ruins what might have been a simple and effective comparison campaign.

Besides the unappealing 3D rendering, there are simpler layout issues to address. If you’re framing a before-and-after layout, the words “before” and “after” might be better served on the same line, at the same height. Similarly, it’s usually easier to compare pictures if they reside on the same line as one another, this helps to reduce the eye movements required to make comparisons.

Unfortunately, this fitness club ad is unfit and unhealthy in every way.

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