This day in history: Calgary Schools’ Computer Programming Competition


If you were a student in the Calgary school system in 1999, then perhaps you would have seen this:
Calgary Schools' Computer Programming Competition

We stumbled across this page for the first time today, and fell in love with its obsolete charm. Blinking text? Developed in FrontPage? A chain-link fence background image? This over-the-top call for entries into a local web design competition is an enjoyable visit, if for nothing other than its surreal time-machine effect. We wish we could find some of the original contest entries, but they all seem to be offline. Nonetheless, we’re sure they all exhibited great “creativeness.”

  • Amy Browne

    In University I often find myself joking with my other web design classmates about websites such as these. We’ve basically come to the conclusion that to someone in computer science or computer programming, the phrase “how to make a website” involves virtually no visual creative design. The extent of their creative ability basically involves changing text sizing and colors…and if their feeling really saucy they can throw in a 1pt border around their text, perhaps with a bevel of some sort. Finishing touches include flashing text, multi colored hyperlinks, and yes…even a chain link fence as a background. With all of these tremendous skills, they go out into the world wide web, designing “web sites” for their friends, family, and local businesses. Then, when I come across them, my gag reflex is triggered…and, well, it gets messy. My advice: leave the web designing to the creative cats, and stick to what you’re good at.