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microsoft coffee table
Microsoft has built a reputation over the years as an organization that can faithfully produce reliable software for creating charts, spreadsheets and tables. It seems with their latest product launch on Wednesday, you will soon be able to look to the software giant for your other table needs as well.

Surface, a new kind of computer built right into a standard table, is able to recognize physical objects like cell phones and wireless devices, and allows hands-on, direct control of things like photos, music and maps, all with your finger tips. Microsoft hopes that you will soon see this product in cafes, bars, and hotels. These commercial establishments will use the technology for giving its visitors the opportunity to take virtual tours, order meals from a menu, or interact with guest services through live video conferencing.

After watching this demo video below, you can imagine the practical possibilities and potential uses for business:

With Minority Report-like ideas becoming realistic through products like Microsoft Surface, combined with advances like Sony’s ultra-thin flex screen technology, we are quickly seeing the line between reality and digital content blurred beyond the point of separation. In the near future, you may find yourself calling a design studio like ours for a small living room website, or requesting a quote from your IT guy for digital wallpaper.

From a business perspective, we can draw three main conclusions from ground-breaking announcements made by industry leaders like Microsoft and Sony.

First of all, as we advance through this frightful digital age of online everything, many of our most basic habits are being driven electronically. Common behaviors like ordering from a menu, looking through your family photo albums, or opening your front door will require the use of vital technology. System failure no longer means a lack of data; it could also mean a lack of food and shelter as well.

Secondly, and thankfully, people are not obsolete. Being a leader in your field, digital or otherwise, will at least require you to make connections with tech savvy professionals. Networking is still vital for success.

Finally, your mother’s advice about keeping your elbows off the table is more valuable than ever. In addition to a severe scolding, you may now be faced with having fifty-seven pizzas accidentally added to your tab. Whoops.