Good Design: Shrek at McDonald’s


Shrek Milkshakes

McDonald’s in Canada is back in our good books after recovering gracefully from a less than stellar performance with the Big Mac Hockey Bash logo as seen in a previous post on elbowruminations. Their latest featured piece comes from a promotional partnership with Dreamworks to an effort to promote Shrek the Third. This advertisement is an in store banner pushing Minty Mudbath Milkshakes and the corresponding Swamp Sludge McFlurry.

The design for this ad is perfect for spring, using fresh colours and muddy connotations. The imagery used also relates well with the Shrek franchise even without utilizing artwork from the movie itself. The fabric background on the right is served with a side of standard Mcfonts. The photography is obviously well shot for a ready-to-eat look. If you look closely, the straws in the milkshake are bent back in ogre-type fashion which is a nice subtle touch.

All in all, with good seasonal timing and professionally executed design work, swamp sludge has never looked so good.