London Olympics Logo Released: Puzzling.


2012 London Logo

The new brand and vision for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games was launched in London on Monday morning. Designed by Wolff Ollins, the new logo is aimed at attracting a younger audience to the Olympic games.

The logo looks like a poorly constructed puzzle with a jaggedy assortment of squares and polygonal objects in the shape of the Olympic year. London 2012 organizing committee chairman Sebastian Coe says “The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible reflecting a brand savvy world where people, especially young people, no longer relate to static logos but respond to a dynamic brand that works with new technology and across traditional and new media networks.”

From a design perspective, it’s hard to see what makes this brand dynamic and attractive to a younger audience. There is no available information on why the logo works well with new technology. We feel that this logo lacks character and embodies very little of what the Olympic games or its host city stands for. It’s lack of relevance to culture and local geography is a serious shortfall for giving people the ability to easily place this logo with the host city’s future legacy. We’ve also seen these four colours before (pink, blue, green, and orange) at the 2004 Athens games:

Athens games 2004

The shapes used in the logo are unfriendly, sharp, and awkward which are not generally popluar words used in promoting peace and harmony. In addition, the press release and the comments made by presenters during the official launch are odd and jargon-filled. Whether it’s deemed fitting, or simply ironic, we simply find this logo and its values puzzling.

For interest sake, check out the logos from previous Olympic games here, including Calgary, in 1988.