Good Design: Method Cleaning Products


Method Cleaning Products

Aesthetics and cleaning products have never traditionally been noticed together in the same shopping aisle. Until today that is. The discovery of this unlikely association started with a weekly trip to the neighborhood grocery store for standard rations of sausage links and toothbrushes and ended with a filled prescription for good design.

The product with an uncommon opportunity to claim that it looks as good as it cleans is made by a company called Method. Method sells a wide range of environmentally friendly household air-care and cleaning solutions that are created to uphold the virtues of an organization who lists good design among their guiding principles. All of Method’s labels are clean and simple, evoking promises of ethical toughness. The colours used are soft and subtle, infused with freshness. All of their packaging is unique and interesting making good use of transparent bottles and lightly coloured labels with crisp fonts and a fine wordmark. Karim Rashid, is the New York product designer credited as the one responsible for the look of the product line.

Method’s design direction is a certain departure from traditional cleaners who market with bright, swooshy pledges of powerful odors and caustic formulas.

A Cleaner Comparison

With environmental responsibility becoming a key driver in customer choices and business decisions, Method is well positioned both visually and fundamentally to make money helping people conserve resources.

Method’s new wave philosophy in detergent design is today’s benchmark for selling chemical products to socially conscious consumers craving a clean conscience.