Microcredit makes you the bank

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We’ve posted before on how new technology and the internet is changing the way we work and live. In a connected society, there is no need to wait for dispatches from the blogosphere to see the effects of these advancements, because they are encountered on a daily basis while you Twitter your every thought, Facebook photos for your friends, and feed your Blackberry addiction.

This is not another post about how a website will change your life. It’s a post about how a website will change someone else’s life.

Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana

Introducing Loans that change lives. This website, developed by Kiva Microfunds, a San Francisco based non-profit organization, follows the current trends of the user-driven internet experience by linking impoverished entrepreneurs with first-world wallets. Becoming a registered user on, enables you to loan small amounts of money to deserving individuals around the world, receive journal updates on your money at work, and see loan re-payment in 6 to 12 months.

Micro-financing or microcredit is a powerful concept that is gaining momentum, as many people see it as the answer to re-distributing the world’s abundant resources one small step at a time. is finally a web venture that promises more than entertainment, by using your spare change destined for the spin-cycle to break the poverty cycle instead.