iPhone frenzy roundup


the iphone

The most anticipated electronic gizmo of this decade was launched today, and having the gadget in hand hasn’t canned the chatter. There are 12.3 million blog posts on the iPhone at this point, with thousands of avid fans ranting and raving about pros and cons. Here is a round-up from the blogosphere on what you might be able to expect once the long arm of Apple reaches into Canada with an iPhone for you:

• There is breaking news from Gizmodo, who is reporting that AT&T is forcing people to buy accessories with their iPhones. Everyone is apparently up in arms about this outrage, as the Gizmodo post has been dugg 1999 times.

• The Cell Freak has a handy top ten list of the iPhone’s worst attributes.

• Paul Thurrott has generously provided pictures illustrating what it’s like to take an iPhone about of a box. How nice of him.

• Here is a Flickr gallery of miniscobleizer’s photos all taken on his new iPhone while he was out for a walk today.

• The New York Times has jumped on the hype wagon as well. Here is an informative article from David Pogue.

• Finally, here is a post from Metafluence, with apparently the most objective rundown on the iPhone to date.

Overall, the feedback seems positive with no major issues to complain about…yet.