Brian Kroeker / Cover Songs


Brian Kroeker / Cover Songs

We only recently discovered Brian Kroeker, and we’re fans already. A designer that lives, works and rides his bike in Toronto, Brian was part of the team that developed the new Winners/Homesense identities (as he divulged to us in this comment). His work isn’t restricted to corporate identity or just retail work, either. As evidenced by his design portfolio, he’s done work for everybody from rock bands, to magazines, to flatware companies.

He’s also got an interesting personal blog experiment, in which he spends two hours designing a book cover based on a song he’s listening to. It’s called Cover Songs. Let’s say he pops in Neutral Milk Hotel and listens to “Two Headed Boy,” he’ll mock up a book cover with the songwriter’s name and the song title. The result, in the case of this example, was this:

Brian Kroeker’s “Cover Songs” entry for Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Two Headed Boy”

Brian’s work is original and ambitious, and we look forward to seeing future projects that have his name attached to them.