Good Design: Calgary Zoo Advertising


Calgary Zoo

Trigger Communications has seen it’s fair share of accolades, including an Anvil, for their world class work with the Calgary Zoo. The first generation ads were very good and included a sheepdog with a sprinker for antlers, a dog, hanging bat-like from the roof, and another dog wearing camel humps in the form of a bra. The second generations ads, this time with fewer dogs, included more creativity and have also been quite popular judging from the amount of comments on this Flickr stream.

Making appearances this time around is a dog with a sock on it’s nose, a cat with a rubber glove parrot hat, and another cat with giraffe boot for a neck as illustrated above. The newest iterations combine beautifully executed photography and solid design with the use of domestic objects in original ways. The ads are perfectly suited to capture the imaginations of parents and children alike which are exactly the kind of customers the Zoo would like to attract.

Trigger aren’t the only ones that deserve the kudos for this campaign, The Calgary Zoo should also receive credit for seeing the value in hiring professionals to raise the Zoo’s profile in Calgary and around the world.

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