Good Design: Tourism Kamloops


Welcome to Kamloops

Although admittedly, Kamloops is not in Calgary, it is on the way to any good road trip destination. This is a good enough reason for us to post this entry in the Around Calgary section. An overnight stay on the way to Vancouver gave us the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the new Tourism Kamloops logo.

Created by Cossette Communication Group, the self proclaimed largest marketing communications firm in Canada. Here is what they say about the new identity:

The Old and New Logos

“The new visual identity for Kamloops uses colourful curved lines to visually represent physical movement in this active, sports-oriented community. The coming together of the lines to a focal point symbolizes the unity of the community-and also forms a “K”. The colours used capture the region’s energy (yellow), heritage (orange), nature (green), and life (blue).”

This seems like quite a complicated explanation. We think the new logo is great for the following reasons:

• It’s a great upgrade over the previous logo. The tagline of “Tournament Capital of Canada” seems like such a narrow focus for a city mission statement. The logo is also very dated and uses fonts and colours that would feel right at home watching Magic Mongo in your parent’s rumpus room.

• The new identity is simple and straightforward. The “K” means Kamloops and that point is not hard to miss.

• The colours are fresh and modern, great for a city that’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, offering people swimming and skiing respectively (yellow and blue).

• The “K-bridge” concept is also great because it encourages people to identify Kamloops as a bridge to the Okanagan, offering the best of both world’s British Columbia has to offer to residents and tourists alike.

For a city like Kamloops, wising to become the destination rather than a part of the journey, the thinking behind this new identity proves they are well on their way.

  • Amy Browne

    As soon as I saw this article, I immediately started laughing, and thought “oh no”. But I am proud that you would pick this as a feature! As a seasonal resident of Kamloops, I have to say that this old logo really didn’t look out of place, because it matched the rest of the cheesy and dated media around the city. When I say that the advertising/design for all local businesses is terrible, I really mean it. Its a small city filled with low-budget residents. Neil if you watched the ads on CFJC TV you would probably laugh REALLY hard, or puke and want to smash the television. Surplus Herbies, a really cool outdoor equipment store, (who’s motto is “The Craziest Store In Town”) has a commercial that features a mannequin with a dubbed-in talking mouth. But hey! Good on the city for taking a step forward. Their tourism Kamloops website looks great, but if you look at the City of Kamloops website, you’ll see how far behind everyone else is. I really like the new logo, and also something you didn’t mention is that “Kamloops” is the anglicized version of the Shuswap word “Tk’emlups”, meaning ‘meeting of the waters’. The north and south Thompson rivers meet in Kamloops, which the lines coming together could also represent. I move there in two weeks, so we’ll see how long it actually takes the city to switch their signs and advertising over…and if there is a city uproar on this new modern logo, I won’t join in the protest.

  • Shane

    Love everything but the font. An ultra-thin geometric sans-serif, in all-caps, does *not* say “playtime.”

  • Kendel

    Please note that these are two seperate logos. The first is the current logo for the city of Kamloops and the second is that of Tourism Kamloops. They are two seperate entities!