Logos in the News


Britney Spears’ dog driving adventures are not the only thing making waves in the news this week. Logos from around the world are also finding room in the headlines. Elbowruminations is proud to present your weekly round-up of the most talked about logos from the past week.

Red Cross

1. First on our list is the American Red Cross logo. This week it’s involved in quite a controversy as Johnson&Johnson (J&J), the manufacturer of household health products, has launched legal action against the Red Cross in a New York courtroom. They claim that the infamous red and white logo was licensed to the relief agency under the condition that it can only be used in non-profit situations. However, since the International Red Cross sells first aid kits, they are in violation of the agreement. Red Cross claims, the first aid kits are fund-raising tools, with the proceeds directly supporting humanitarian work around the world. Not only is this potentially damaging for the future of international relief efforts as far as visibility and neutral recognition for the Red Cross is concerned. It’s also a public relations nightmare for Johnson&Johnson who risk the wrath of consumers who may not appreciate their hard-nosed tactics with a non-profit organization.

The Internet Logos

2. Many technically inclined readers will be familiar the Firefox logo as possibly one of the most recognizable logos on the internet. There is talk that this logo may not be doing it’s job as a representative of the Mozilla based internet browser. The people behind Firefox have recently published a twelve step marketing plan to increase brand recognition which includes finding a new logo. They state that most people don’t associate the Firefox icon with a web browsing tool and therefore resort to using Internet Explorer to surf the web instead. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt the feelings of too many loyal users. If this loyal following does take the swtich personally, prepare yourself for a multitude of online petitions to save the Firefox logo.

The Chrysler Logos

3. Coming in at number three on our list of news-making logos this week is Chrysler. The North American car manufacturer has taken a retro route to revive sales with the resurrection of the classic Pentastar. The new design will be produced in 3D! Although this logo is full of old-timely charm and K-car sentimentality, it almost feels too soon for a full-fledged comeback. Part of the problem may have been due to the fact that the Pentastar was not retired soon enough the first time. We’ll keep our eye on what Chrysler plans to do with this brand.

Mac and Intel

4. Receiving a respectable fourth place finish on our list is the Intel logo. It seems as if hypersensitive mac-addicts have discovered that the next generation imacs from Apple will not sport the Intel logo on their boxes. Gasp! For years the Intel logo has become as common place as the Chiquita banana sticker on bananas but apparently, Apple would prefer to focus on advertising their own product, and pay equal respect to the other parts inside their computers. Having recently moved to dual Intel processors, to some, it’s surprising that Apple would shy away from advertising this alliance. To other bloggers, if the attention this decision recieves is anything like the iphone hoopla, it could seem like the end of the world.

Vancouver Canuck logos

5. Our number five most new-worthy logo of the week is a Canadian contribution. The Vancouver Canucks have plans in the works to unveil a new logo for the upcoming season. The British Columbia based ice hockey club has been known to make questionable logo choices in the past. Perhaps you might even consider their yellow and black “skate” logo, the ugliest logo in the history of sport. There is much speculation, whether this logo will be much different, or that it has secretly already been released. Whatever the case may be, let’s cross our fingers and hope the graphic designer behind this one is on his game.