Green is the New Sex


Green is the New Sex

By the time most of us own our own wallet, we have been throughly tested, trained and told in no uncertain terms to buy sexy products. The concept of “selling through sex” could very well be the phrase that defines modern marketing history and our society as a whole. Not only has sex been responsible for the success of video killing, or at least attempting to kill, the radio star, in terms of providing music stars a marketing platform, it might be a major reason why you’re reading this post right now.

Pornographers are among the Web’s most innovative and profitable entrepreneurs, and their desire for profit is the primary force behind developing the tools we now use, a little less seductively on a daily basis. Due to the illicit and generally reprehensible nature of the industry, the creators of original concepts used to create and implement the first fee-based sites, pop-up ads, SEO techniques, and streaming video will never really be given credit. Even today, the effort going into mobile concepts is being driven by profiteering porn producers, looking to continue to monetize seedy online content.

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With the drive for procreation being an inherent aspect of being human, its place in our retail reality is a common conclusion for marketers to arrive at. It works because it’s undeniable in nature and is an influence not many can deny. Although it will probably be agreed upon in most circles that the trend of successfully selling sex will continue as long as humans continue, there is a new trend emerging in marketing – a green trend.

Green blogs, green license plates, green businesses. It’s all green and it’s quickly becoming the next sex. In Canada, you may notice this trend in most Superstores in the form of re-usable shopping bags. The idea isn’t new, but the idea of telling people in no uncertain terms that these bags are “worth switching supermarkets for” is certainly new. Real Canadian Superstore is on the cutting edge of retail advertising. They not only promote green alternatives, but healthy food as well, in the form of their President’s Choice Blue Menu line. It will be interesting to note how quickly their competitors and other retail organizations choose to follow suit.

Bull Frog and Superstore

Calgary also now has a green energy alternative called Bullfrog Power. Founded in 2005, Bullfrog Power is a provider of 100% green electricity, with service available to Ontario and Alberta residents and businesses. Enmax also has a green alternative, suitably named GreenMax, but has been spending the majority of their advertising budget on plugging EasyMax instead. This could also change.

As the inconvenient truth comes to light that our dependence on life itself requires planet earth to work properly, people are beginning to choose differently. Both through media pressure and people like Al Gore, informed customers are starting to understand the benefits of being responsible. Choosing a green products before sexy one is increasingly popular and for many it has become a life or death decision.

Although it still may not be easy being green as it being sexy, being green is becoming better for business and will only get easier. For more on better design, through green design, check out Inhabitat, a blog that promotes “future-forward design for the world you inhabit.”

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