NFL stands for New Fancy Logo


NFL stands for New Fancy Logo

Please forgive us for two sport related posts in the same week. It was a important to weigh-in on the new Canucks’ jerseys for our faithful readers who are smart enough to call Calgary their home and not smart enough to cheer for the Flames. It was equally as important to make our views known on the revised NFL logo before our friends at Brand New get their hands on it. Not that this is a competition or anything, but you wouldn’t know it by our fixation on sports.

As you may have gathered, the new NFL logo is not that much fancier than the original version despite what our title might lead you to believe. The most significant changes have been made to the colours, both red and blue are darker. The font is less rounded and the football has been stylized. The most notable change has been made to the number of stars in the logo, reduced from a large number – made not entirely countable by the football – to only eight. This number is representative of the number of divisions in the league. The shape of the shield has also slightly altered to be taller and leaner in nature.

One of the main reasons behind the slight identity shift was to realign the shape of the football to more closely resemble the football on top of the Vince Lombardi championship trophy. This is the most obvious observation to make. Looking a little closer into the change, there could be deeper connotations to the decisions made by the league in this regard. With a more purposeful use of the stars, which previously stood for little, a sharper more defined font, and darker colours, it may be significant of a commissioner looking to tighten up the league’s image.

Since becoming commissioner in April 2006, Roger Goodell has taken a strong stance on NFL players behavior on and off the field. Strong words as well as suspensions have been handed out for crazy touchdown stunts, as well as taking part in shooting at people in Las Vegas.

From a design perspective, this new logo is nothing overly spectacular. The changes do well in creating a stronger unified look and convey a more meaningful message. However, if the changes made here were deliberate in order to reinforce the stance of a no nonsense commissioner who wants his sport to be seen as a business, that message has been received.