How to Cook An Annual Report


via dezeen:

Cooking Book

Here is a new twist on cookbooks. This annual report for Podravka, a European maker of instant rice and ice tea, features invisible thermo-reactive ink that only becomes visible after twenty-five minutes in the oven. Once cooked in tin foil for the appropriate amount of time, the previously blank pages are printed with images, and company recipes.

Book Cooked

This small booklet accompanies a larger report which contains typical investor information and audited reports on the previous year.

The design agency responsible for the concept is a ten year old Croation company that seems to have won a variety of worldwide awards for a variety of projects but mysteriously doesn’t have a website – well, not one we can understand anyway.

Although giving investors a book to cook is certainly an innovative way to infuse dry facts and figures with an aspect of imagination it’s also a good way to encourage an audit if the federal government also finds its imagination stirred by the possibilities the annual report presents. Although we are confident that this is the only book Podravka has been cooking, it would certainly make for a good story if an investigation followed.