Signal vs. Noise


Signal vs. Noise

Signal vs. Noise is the official blog by infamous web design company 37signals. Focusing on usability in web, software and product design, Signal vs. Noise (or “SVN,” as it is abbreviated) does a fantastic job extracting timeless design principles from ordinary life. While many design blogs simply gawk at the beautiful, SVN also aims to learn lessons.

5 Best Recent Posts from Signal Vs. Noise:

1. Screens Around Town
Signal vs. Noise excels at spotting examples of smart design in everyday life. One particularly interesting section is “Screens About Town,” a feature dedicated to applauding well-thought out interfaces online. Here is one of the most recent entries, concerning zip codes and sign-up forms.

2. Writing Better Help Wanted Ads
“Write an honest, thoughtful, clear ad and you’re more likely to hear from candidates with those qualities. Spout a lot of buzzwordy nonsense and you’ll attract people fluent in BS.”

3. But there’s only so many ways to do something, right?
“Whenever I run into designer’s block or just need visual design inspiration I turn to the world of wrist watches.”

4. Bike Sheds and C. Northcote Parkinson
During development meetings, “it’s easy to have pile-ons that don’t really accomplish much. Someone has to blow the whistle every once in a while and say, “Is this conversation really helping?” Calling out “Bike shed” is a quick way to do that.”

5. Shattered Still Life
A quick “look at this” post about a photographer that drops ceramic figurines onto a solid surface, then snaps their photograph the second they begin to break into a million pieces. Gorgeous photos, and an incredibly brilliant concept.

Martin Klimas, Shattered figurine