Branded locomotives carry the Olympic torch


The new train cars, carrying the torch for the 2010 Olympics

On Monday, Canadian Pacific Railway unveiled the first of its two new Olympic-branded train cars. Carrying a giant-sized “Vancouver 2010” logo across half of the locomotive, the new look aims to let the train serve as a traveling ambassador for the Olympic games during its travels across Canada.

The trains not only feature new graphics — they’re also the newest in green locomotive technology. The GE Evolution Series locomotives are known for their ability to save fuel costs and cut down on air pollutants, a fact which both CPR and VANOC heads agree is a good thing.

CPR’s decision to time a visual overhaul with a technological one is a very efficient choice. As you may recall from a recent Elbowruminations report, the Vancouver Canucks recently performed a similar feat, timing their recent logo renovations with the introduction of new RBK jersey technology. Other organizations and businesses should take note of this trend: when new technology is being introduced, consider how new visuals might help amplify your brand.

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