A Mega-site for a Megastore


Buy n Large

If you’ve been patiently waiting for a sprawling mega corporation with international reach and a global monopoly on every industry to offer you everything you’ve always wanted, then you are in luck. Buy n Large corporation, not be confused with Smart and Final, BigLots or other generically named commercial powerhouses, has not only the physical infrastructure and high-powered executives to dominate the market but to also launch one of the most ambitious websites in modern history.

BuynLarge.com is the new epicentre of the internet, offering everything from burgers, and prescription drugs, to batteries and residential robotic solutions. OK, who are we kidding here? This is not Donald Trump’s latest capitalist venture, it’s a website for Pixar’s latest movie called Wall-E. Wall-E is a futuristic epic, set in the year 2700, and highlights the plight of the last little robot on earth on some sort of quest to find out how to do what he’s made for.

Buy n Large

The promotional site for this movie is a professionally designed corporate home for an astounding amount of outrageous propaganda and commercial hogwash. Perhaps one of the most innovate ideas in the short history of movie sub-sites, this site is a great solution to long hyphen-filled domain names ending with “movie” or crazy animated splash intros. Updated frequently, up until the movie’s opening weekend, with additional robots and impossible news items, like the introduction of drugs that induce shopping euphoria, and malls that have been granted city status, the website is a wealth of time-wasting nonsense about a company that appears to span the universe.

This marketing concept is appealing for many reasons, primarily for the purpose of capturing the imagination of parents, who will more than likely be as eager to see the movie as their children will be. At this stage it’s difficult to know exactly how relevant the website is in relation to a movie about robots, but since that’s the primary motivation behind outrageous marketing campaigns with a strong emphasis on the future, it’s obvious that we are just going to have to wait and see.