EasyListener: A simple little music playing widget


Yahoo’s EasyListener is a simple, fun way to make a music player for MP3s on your website

If you’ve been on the hunt for a simple, easy-to-customize music player for your website, call off the dogs, because we just found the answer. It’s Yahoo!’s EasyListener, and it just saved you about 30 hours of web research, trial and error and Flash development.

Let’s say you’ve got audio files on your website, but you want your users to be able to click, play and download your files. All you need to do is tell EasyListener what page to check out, and bammo! After some colour-choosing and size-selecting, the player is all yours to copy-and-paste into your website.

EasyListener comes courtesy of the cutting-edge collaborative developers at Yahoo!’s top-secret team called Next. Besides cooking up some fancy code to make this widget, the team did a fabulous job with the design. It’s a tasteful, clean look with subtle shading and nice colour options, making it flexible enough to fit almost any website’s existing layout and colour palette.

Any other free, practical, well-designed and simple-to-use widgets you know about? Tell us about them here!

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    This is excellent. And by that I mean this blog in general, and bringing this widget to my attention in particular.