Good Design: Veer’s 2008 Summer Catalogue


A glimpse at Veer’s Summer Activity Book

When I hear the word catalogue, I think of two things: Sears and libraries. Both are notably old-school institutions, and don’t bring to mind spunk, hipness and vigour. Calgary-raised stock photography & typography supplier Veer has pretty much changed all that.

Since 2002, Veer has been hawking their wares via a mail-out booklet. It showcases Veer’s products and ideas: photos, illustrations and fonts you can buy from their website. Beyond that, it delivers montages, layouts and concepts that are so blisteringly unique that it can’t help but inspire.

This summer’s catalogue is a handbook full of games, called “The Amazing Summer Activity Book for Creatives and their Pals.” It’s stuffed with over 100 pages of games, puzzles and riddles you can play in your spare time. Each game incorporates Veer’s photos and fonts, and details are provided in the margins or footers about how to buy the elements featured.

Admittedly, the whole catalogue is unfairly tantalizing for designers. Veer doesn’t really have any limitations placed on their catalogue. Unlike the rest of us whose brochures and pamphlet need to be well-married with content and function, Veer’s only mandate is to be cool. While some folks might presume that’s an easy mandate to fulfill, at least Veer does it very, very well.

If you’d like to be inspired further, you can download the Summer Activity book, browse old Veer catalogues, shop for stock elements, and check out Veer’s blog The Skinny right here.

(Did you just see that, Veer? We didn’t even get paid to do that.)

  • Grant Hutchinson

    Yes, we did see that…and thanks. I’d actually pay good money for a shirt that read “Unfairly Tantalizing” … we should work on that.