About the New Look


Hey Everyone, if you’re wondering why everything looks so different at Elbowruminations, I have a quick update for you on why we did what we did and how we did it!

Let’s start with the design. We wanted something new and nice but we didn’t want to design it ourselves because we’ve done that before. We wanted someone unassociated with Elbowroom Design to provide a new perspective on things. So, we hired Chris Morris, a WordPress expert from Lethbridge Alberta to provide some input on a new design. In addition to the theme, he also did a great job upgrading databases, updating WordPress and making everything run smoothly. Thanks Chris!

Our plans for Elbowruminations were an important part of the process as well. We wanted something clean and easy to read. We wanted to make it a little more personal in an effort to start conversations rather than post as faceless messengers with a hidden corporate agenda. The profiles and pictures, we hope, will help you know more about us if you want to. Our third goal was to make our content more accessible. Since it’s inception in 2006, we have accumulated over 130 posts! Our new footer gives readers a chance to sift through the archives, as there’s some good stuff in there.

We also wanted to try and minimize the appearance of advertising. Our last blog had slow loading ads, haphazardly strewn around the sidebars. Our new and improved look features the latest update from OpenX, an open source ad server we use to run advertising. Version 2.6 features a single page call that greatly reduces load time and improves overall speed. We had help from OpenX consultant Erik Geurts, in the Netherlands, who helped us get the new server up and running. He was a big help.

In addition to being faster, we hope these new ads are relevant if you do happen to look at them and integrated in a way that doesn’t distract you if you don’t want to.

Thanks for reading Elbowruminations. Let us know what you think of the new look if you want, we’re always interested in what you have to say and stay tuned for our next post.

  • http://www.zachbulick.com Zach

    Guys, the new design is rad. It’s a nice progression. I like the header and the pattern subtlety. Also, seeing your faces is nice too.