Show-Stealer: Monterra on Cochrane Lakes


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BEST IN SHOW: The best and worst tradeshow displays at Calgary’s HomExpo 2007

Monterra at Cochrane Lakes

HomExpo’s main sponsor was MonTerra on Cochrane Lakes, a community development project by Medallion Development Corp. Taking up at least 1200 square feet in the epicentre of the Expo, MonTerra’s display dominated Roundup Centre with a double-decker bus, cricket-and-creek sounds being emitted from hidden speakers, and a charming garden scene (or was it a mini-golf course?) complete with astro-turf and miniature wooden bridges. MonTerra, an “exclusive estate community” with equal parts ambition and cash, was obviously the best, biggest and most elaborate display at 2007’s HomExpo.

What made this display so impressive was that the over-the-top grandeur was matched by an over-the-top attention to detail. Take the photograph below: You’ll notice the clean, professionally designed square banner hanging overhead. It introduces the “flavour” of the community, as well as MonTerra’s brand. Below, a rustic mini-patio scene adds a new, interactive dimension to the display – the live Evergreen trees bring the user “face to face” with what life out on Cochrane Lakes is purportedly like.

The glamour was backed up by a strong focus on information: Employees in uniform were standing by like flight attendants at every entrance (there were three) to take questions and give answers. A miniature model of the whole community on the lake was on display inside a glass case, while a 3D visualization of the MonTerra development looped on a widescreen TV nearby.

The exhibit was a veritable art show, and we’ve given it a well-deserved first place in this week’s HomExpo review.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly attributed the creative direction for this display to Rare Method. We apologize to anyone we may have offended by this. Medallion Development designers Colleen Baxter, Sacha Pelletier and Wendy Vangastel deserve credit for the hard work that went into this display. Great job!!

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