Good Design: Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda


Part of an Elbowruminations’ series called
BEST IN SHOW: The best and worst tradeshow displays at Calgary’s HomExpo 2007


At Calgary’s 2007 HomExpo, we masqueraded as attendees in order to observe tradeshow exhibitors in their natural environments. With the help of a discrete cameraphone, we pinpointed the best and worst of tradeshow design. We knew we’d found something special when we encountered the new-school retro of Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda.

From the packaging to the exhibit, Nellie’s is fantastically consistent. The designers who created this brand have managed to evoke the style of the era in every design element, from the typography to the colours to the artwork, while style giving the product a fun, current vibe. The exhibit offers a sense of humour and a sense of home, two things which help put people at ease right away. This display was clearly the most innovative and original booth at 2007’s HomExpo. Just have a look at the photo above – we think it speaks for itself.

As we stopped to talk with the exhibitor, we discovered that the artwork was not only fresh and original (like the soap), but that the caricatures used in the cartoons were created in the likeness of the family who was responsible for founding the company. Interesting!

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  • Mina

    I love this packaging as well. Do you by any chance know the design team behind their packaging?


  • Neil

    Sorry, I don’t! Maybe someone else does. Anyone?