Mixed Reviews: Homes by Avi


Part of an Elbowruminations’ series called
BEST IN SHOW: The best and worst tradeshow displays at Calgary’s HomExpo 2007

Homes by Avi at HomExpo

We were first drawn to this booth by its perfectly professional five-panel display. The colours were sharp, the design was clean, and the photography employed unique angles. These five panels were serving as the “walls” to an otherwise wall-less living room display, that had four comfy chairs and a coffee table. It was an inviting, open atmosphere, and so we stepped into the living room to converse with the exhibitor.

As it turns out, the exhibitor was quite unhappy with the display. All day long, she’d received streams of visitors, but all of them thought that “Homes by Avi” must be a furniture store. In fact, they’re a homebuilding company, and don’t sell furniture at all. As a result, she’d had no meaningful interaction with customers seeking custom homes.

What was leading to this confusion? Part of it was the stylish furniture that served as the focal point of the display. The other part was the display posters: despite looking great, they were failing to communicate the company’s purpose. All of the photos were close-ups of interiors and people. These types of photos often work best as ambient or mood-setting elements, but people were perceiving them as “product catalog” photos. Additionally, there were no exterior shots of homes, and no clarifying text to persuade the viewer that this wasn’t the booth of a comfy and cozy furniture store.

We think that the designers behind the Homes by Avi display created some very professional and appealing signage, but next time, we’d encourage them to dedicate more space to describing the products, and less space to setting the mood.

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