Good Design: Safeway Produce Logo


You’ll find this logo in the produce department at your neighbourhood Safeway store. The use of colour and balance in this logo is great, with every line leading the eye to the centre of the image. Retro fonts and bursting rays hark back to the reliable, wholesome design style of the 1940s. All of the colours used are colours of fresh fruit, rich vegetables and fertile earth. Even the shape looks like something you could cut open and eat. The use of fonts are fresh and lively, and on a brown background, it’s perfectly excecuted. This is some mighty fine designing.

Not convinced? Check out our counterpoint example, a malnourished produce logo currently trying to get away with “freshening up” the side of a Mandarin orange box.

  • nathan sewell

    I agree about what has been said about the safeway logo but it would be nice if a copy of the logo ws available

  • kevan

    We’re not sure what you mean, Nathan. Are you looking for the original vector artwork for the logo? If so, we can’t help you out with that. We took a photo of this logo with a phonecam to feature here on our blog; we’re not the original designers.

  • Jim

    Yeah, I don’t see an image of the Safeway produce logo here either. I’m viewing from an iPad.

  • Neil

    Hey everyone! The picture was mysteriously missing. It’s back now! Thanks for the heads up.