Mixed Review: Chinook Centre Billboards



In 2005, Chinook Centre bought 94 of 111 outdoor advertising locations on Macleod Trail and blasted commuters with a gigantic advertising campaign which included a monsterous advent calendar that was updated daily. For their effort, sales increased by 15%. This Christmas season, Chinook Centre is returning to the same locations with a vengence. It’s almost frightening driving into the city with these imposing signs looming over you like credit card debt in January. Overall, what an impressive display of dominance. It’s a dazzling sight seeing so much of one message in so many places. There is so much advertising, it creates an atmosphere rather than conveying a message. Yikes!

The design this year is obviously professionally excecuted. The photography is unique and nicely shot. The overall message though is not very appealing. The message: “Gifts they can’t wait for” is confusing and sarcastic. It’s hard to make sense of what is being communicated. Nobody seems very excited to be using their still-wrapped presents. It’s all very drab and unfortunate that Christmas has come and everyone already knows what they’re getting and not only that, they’ve already enjoyed it. What’s to wait for? Where’s the excitement? There is a significant lack of magic in this years campaign and the sarcastic tone makes you wonder why you should bother buying a gift for someone if they already know what you are getting them. In a season of giving, this is certainly a message of getting.

A+ on the scope of the message. F- on the message itself. I guess one thing to remember, if you are going to GO BIG or GO HOME, make sure your BIG is your BEST. If your BIG is BAD you are probably doing a lot more harm than good.