Bad Design: Mandarin orange box


Bad Design:

If the Safeway produce logo we posted here a while back didn’t strike you as an example of killer design, take a look at its arch-enemy above as a point of comparison.

While the Safeway Produce employs sophisticated, nuanced hues (reminiscient of textured watermelons and vibrant citrus), this “fresh in every way” logo from the side of a Mandarian orange box employs flat colours and awkward fonts. The yellow background is no doubt meant to feel citrusy, but it instead feels garish and tacky. The oramental flourishes to the left and right of the central circle look like stiff Christmas decorations, not leafy plants. The calligraphy-style font chosen for ‘fresh’ appears unpleasantly formal, and of all choices available, uses the colour gray for the drop-shadow (what colour do oranges turn when they rot?). The white-on-black “IN EVERY WAY” bar is much too emphatic and serious to be talking about the juicy goodness of fresh oranges. This botched attempt at branding freshness is bad design in every way.