Bad Design: McDonald’s Big Mac Hockey Bash


Bad Design: McDonald’s Big Mac Hockey Bash

The logo used in the latest promotion for McDonalds in Canada looks as if it was served up by one of its front counter employees. The logo is a photo object of a Big Mac garnished with jagged crowns and poorly sketched, badly proportioned hockey sticks. All of these elements are treated to a large helping of tasteless drop shadow.

We think this logo fails on many levels. Firstly, the logo is void of skill and craftsmanship. It uses elementary shapes and filter effects that a novice computer user could implement with little trouble. This logo was hastily assembled in less than a few minutes.

Additionaly, the logo misses out on the opportunity to take advantage of great identity cues that hockey fans and McDonald’s customers alike would both quickly recognize. By using the NHL logo as it’s used in situations such as the All-Star game would have created excitement with hockey fans in Canada. Instead of capitalizing on established identities, artistic liberties were taken with specialized sporting equipment, in this case golden hockey sticks, which is embarrassing and heretical to dedicated followers of any sport.

Finally, the logo is a raster image. This makes it very difficult to implement on a large scale. Using vector artwork is traditionally a best practice to be mindful of when designing a logo. It’s easier to scale and prints clearly at any size.

The design of this logo is unappetizing to say the least. From a multi-national corporation and an industry leader like McDonalds, better communication should be expected.