Good Design: Altamira “Live to Work”



While RRSP season entertained its usual crush of ill-prepared tax filers rushing to make last minute contributions before the March 1 st. deadline, it was apparent that at least one investment services company was quite well prepared to entertain some new customers.

Altamira, assisted by a powerful message, used professionally executed graphic design in their print material to attract the attention of those people lacking a retirement plan.

One of their advertisements features Lloyd, a sixty-eight year old trainee at Juicy Burgers, looking matter-of-factly at the camera under a caption that reads: “You shouldn’t work your whole life to end up back in your first job”. The most notable aspect of this piece is its use of colour. The blue and white used in his uniform, the title text, and the gradient background are similar, and used to lend unity to the overall message. The second page shows a similar subject and uses a light green colour the same way. The photography used in this ad is simple, professional and honest. It is clear and concise both in its subject and execution.

It may be interesting to note that Pantone, the trusted colour authority for Graphic Designers, issued a report in conjunction with New York Fashion Week (September 8-15, 2006) to discuss growing colour trends for 2007. Whether the designers behind this advertisement saw this report or not, they were certainly paying attention to culture around them by using colours mentioned specifically in this report.

Although we certainly approve of Altamira’s creative thinking for communication purposes, we don’t have the experience to vouch for their approach to the design of retirement plans. Hopefully you’ll have the time to make this discovery before panic sets in next year.