Good Design: Kraft Salad Dressing


You know it’s picnic season in Canada when you notice the salad dressing! Kraft has recently overhauled the look, shape and ingredients of their iconic 50 variety dressing line and the results from a design perspective are truly excellent.

The previous packaging was certainly starting to show its age. The dated font choice, antiquated Photoshop effects around the Kraft logo as well as on background shapes, and even the tired looking salad photography have been replaced with a fresh, modern concept that seems to be attracting even the most dedicated meat-eaters towards entertaining leafy greens.

Another noticeable difference is the increased size of the Kraft logo, making it obvious that Kraft is trying to asset itself as a company looking to be on top in the salad dressing aisle.

The new bottles feature fresh, object oriented graphics, strong modern fonts, and a transparent label that lets the contents do the talking. The labels were printed in six colors via UV flexo on FassonĀ® clear-on-clear pressure-sensitive film labels. This change in labeling was in response to ACNielsen research which found that consumers prefer to see more of the actual product they are buying before bringing it home.

The new design approach that is working so well ascetically, is also influencing the bottom line. This reason for changing the look and feel for Kraft dressings was created by an unhealthy drop in market share of 4.7 percent and a continuation of sluggish sales figures. The new package design and reformulated salad dressings have resulted in sales of some Kraft salad dressing increasing 15.8 percent in the first year of sales. Adding to the positive numbers was a slimmer, lighter bottle design increasing shipping efficiencies by 18 percent.

Overall, Kraft is seeing a bigger piece of the pie at a table crowded with hungry competitors and graphic designers are seeing a better product design. It’s looks like we’re having a win-win for dinner.