John Chow, the one-man hype machine


John Chow

John Chow, a Vancouver-based technology blogger, has been riding a surging wave of popularity on the web over the past few years, and in recent months, it has only intensified. Now ranked as one of the top 150 most-visited websites on the web, Chow’s blog is a modern-day miracle of marketing. For a site with so much traffic, you’d expect it to have knock-out design, incredible interactive features, and a whole lot of engaging content. Not so. Chow’s blog is powered by a highly generic WordPress theme, his content is borderline bland, and the only interactive element is the user comments. The big draw about John Chow dot Com is that he shows you how to make money online.

With over $7000 made in February alone, Chow really does know how to game the system. Stop by John Chow’s blog to read tips about optimizing AdSense and monetizing your blog, but don’t compromise your content for the sake of making money. Rather, focus on blogging about topics you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and build your readership on people who are genuinely interested in your subject matter, not those who are looking to use your popularity to scam their way to the top of the web’s food chain.