Zach Bulick Online

While other designers act like web snob-sters, trolling the internet as pretentious “cool hunters,” Zach manages to keep his eye on the web’s latest and most interesting finds, while still being the funnest, most friendly blogger in town. Visit Zed Bee’s home for awesome photography, life updates and great design discoveries.

Alan House of Creative Component

Creative Component is a design & consulting operation run by Indiana-based Chief Creative Officer Alan Houser. We’ve exchanged a bit of web banter with Alan, and can certainly say that Mr. Houser is a smart, personable and talented guy. According to his LinkedIn profile, Alan is a Web Designer, Creative Ninja and Podcast Producer, and we’d add that he does each of those things really well (especially the ninja part). For a well-designed site that employs WordPress expertly, check out Creative Component, and for a sweet podcast that features interviews with designers, drop by CreativeXpert.

Designers Who Blog

With the endless oceans of originality and talent that span the design community, it’s easy to drown while seeking the best. We’ve been wishing there was a smarter resource for discovering quality works and writing by good designers (other than browsing “design” tags on Flickr – which, will quite high on the interestingness scale, ranks low on efficiency). We’ve now found that resource: it’s Designers Who Blog.

Designers Who Blog is a friendly and useful way to discover interesting and talented designers. Run by Catherine Morley of Creative Latitude and NO!SPEC, Designers Who Blog provides links to interesting, regularly updated site by other industry experts. As a resource for designers, it’s both entertaining and informative. For casual web readers, it’s a must-bookmark site: keep coming back to see who’s doing what in the design world.